Dr. Ho Soon Min



IRTD – Best Researcher Scholar Award

for Contribution in the field of
“Education and Applied Research”
Awarded on 28th Oct 2017
at IRTD 2017 – Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Ho Soon Min
Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematic and Sciences at the INTI International University, Malaysia

Dr. HO SOON MIN is an associate professor in the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematic and Sciences at the INTI International University, Malaysia. He received his Ph. D degree in Materials Chemistry from University of Putra Malaysia in 2010. He taught various academic courses in chemistry field such as physical chemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and green chemistry in undergraduate level since last seven years. His research interests are in the fields of green chemistry, semiconductor, nano materials, applied chemistry, activated carbon and thin film solar cell. He has received numerous research grants from INTI university. He has authored or co-authored over 120 articles in reputed international journals and conferences, besides 7 books and chapters. He has served as a reviewer for 68 scientific journals from all continents include Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems
and Nanostructures, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Materials Letters, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Surface Review and Letters and has reviewed over 265 manuscripts. He was appointed as an external evaluator in
chemistry areas for more than 22 scholars from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. He was served as head of centre of applied chemistry & green chemistry in university. Apart from research activities, he has acted as editor-in-chief of the Meta Research Journal of Waste Water Treatment & Green Chemistry and Meta Research Journal of Applied Chemistry Research. He was a guest editor of the Science Journal of Chemistry. He was invited as conference organizing committee member in Green Chemistry 2014 Philadelphia, USA. He is a member of Institute of Materials Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Chemistry, Malaysian Analytical Sciences Society, and Malaysian Solid State Science & Technology Society. Lastly, he was awarded Most Promising Young Researcher 2015 (Malaysia), Young Scientist Award 2016 (India) and Outstanding Scientist Award 2016 (India).


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